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Big issues FAQs

IDQuestionLast reviewed
33242If I express an interest in voluntary redundancy, am I committed to this?30/11/2015
34771Are there any differences between the redundancy payment depending whether the...30/11/2015
49406How can I see an indication of what benefits will be paid to me if I choose to...30/11/2015
49385What is a Section 188 Notice?30/11/2015
33524I am currently on a secondment. If my contracted substantive post is at risk,...05/11/2013
50888I am a centrally employed teacher. How can I find out what benefits will be...05/11/2013
356529How shall I decide whether to express and interest in Voluntary Redundancy?05/11/2013
56233I am aged over 55 and being made redundant. I know that as a member of the LGPS...05/11/2013
34773I do not want to be redeployed and would rather take redundancy, with this...05/11/2013
49408How much redundancy pay would I be entitled to?05/11/2013