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Big issues FAQs

IDQuestionLast reviewed
54470What is TUPE and when does it apply?05/11/2013
54473Who does TUPE cover?05/11/2013
54474Does TUPE always apply to a business transfer?05/11/2013
54475Will I be consulted about being transferred under TUPE?05/11/2013
54479How will consultation about any TUPE transfers take place?05/11/2013
54477When will I be consulted on any proposed TUPE transfer?05/11/2013
54482What will happen to my Terms and Conditions of Employment if I am transferred...05/11/2013
54483What happens to my NCC pension if I transfer to another employer under TUPE?05/11/2013
54484Can my terms and conditions be changed once I have been TUPE transferred?05/11/2013
54485What happens if I don’t want to transfer under TUPE?05/11/2013