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Big issues FAQs

IDQuestionLast reviewed
50877If I volunteer for redundancy and this is agreed in principle, when will I be...30/11/2015
51739I am on a protected salary, will my redundancy payment be based on my...30/11/2015
65297What if my application for voluntary redundancy is declined and I am...30/11/2015
65295Now that I have submitted my form expressing interest in voluntary redundancy,...30/11/2015
65299I wish to withdraw my request for voluntary redundancy, what do I need to do? 30/11/2015
65347I have received an estimate of voluntary redundancy benefits which I could be...30/11/2015
65360When will the Pensions Office process my redundancy payment? 30/11/2015
65363When will I receive my pension lump sum and pension benefits?30/11/2015
65364What forms do I need to fill in to release my redundancy and pension benefits?30/11/2015
65366Where do I send the ‘PEN 34 – Employee Redundancy Payment Questionnaire’ which...30/11/2015